three rooms 

Two-channel video installation, 12.2 min, 7 objects and their reproduction, Nora Mertes 2023

Nora Mertes is interested in the plastic in everyday actions as well as built and natural structures. She deals with
moments in which the physical seems to dissolve and which nevertheless address the corporeal.

In “Three Rooms”, a new work developed for the interspace exhibition at Pfefferwerke Berlin 2023, she addresses the upcoming renewal of the exhibition space.
Three spatial levels are superimposed in the two-channel video installation: Hands can be seen moving simultaneously in the filmed space and through the projection in the exhibition space; they interact with a third, not visible but audible and virtual space. Seven lumps of stone and their digital reproduction are placed on the floor in the projection. The chunks of stone come from the exhibition space itself. They have been digitized by photogrammetry, reproduced in 3D print and thus renewed.
Nora Mertes is interested in the simultaneity of original and image and in how form changes through different production and translation processes.
The three rooms merge into one another to form a kind of spatial collage of different levels of reality and time.


Installation view with work by Nora Mertes, interspace, Projektraum Schönhauser, Berlin 2023, Photo: Fred Dott | Pfefferwerk Stadtkultur,Zwischenraum.