in Greylight Projects
Burgemeester Kessenplein 1, 6431KM, Hoensbroek, The Netherlands
curated by: Frank-Thorsten Moll
date: 03.07.2020 – 06.09.2020
opening: Thursday 02.07.2020 , 9:00-21:00
opening hours: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun , 09:00-21:00






IKOB Museum für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Eupen (B)

Mit: Marie-France Bonmariage, Ellen Brusselmans, Jeanne-Claude, Johanna Deiglmayr-Buchholz, Delphine Deguislage, Lili Dujourie, Margret Eicher, Karin Frank, Casaluce Geiger, Denise Gilles, Laurence Gonry, Maria Hasemeier-Eulenbruch, Vera Hilger, Irmel Kamp, Stefanie Klingemann, Marie-Claire Krell, Sophie Langohr, Andrea Lehnert, Barbara Leisgen, Esther Liégeois, Lilith Love, Sylvie Macías Díaz, Nora Mertes, Beatrice Minda, Karin Missy Paule, Tanja Mosblech, Yvonne Mostard, Sali Muller, Chloé Op de Beeck, Tímea Anita Oravecz, Tinka Pittoors, Andrea Radermacher-Mennicken, Jana Rusch, Bärbel Schulte Kellinghaus, Alice Smeets, Merlin Spie, Catharina van Eetvelde, Marlies Vermeulen (Dear Hunter), Sophie Whettnall, Denyse Willem


Chatty Matter at ArtVilnius in Lithuania

THURSDAY, 30 May, 17.00–17.30 Nora Mertes. Performance “Chatty Matter”. Presented by Kogo gallery (Estonia). Stand 3.06
FRIDAY, 31 May, 14.30–15.00 Nora Mertes. Performance “Chatty Matter”. Presented by Kogo gallery (Estonia). Stand 3.06


Chatty Matter at Kogo Gallery in Estonia

Nora Mertes and Kati Saarits curated by Brigita Reinert 09.02.-23.03.2019
Ceramic and concrete objects; performance (see short clip) and Kogo Gallery 

see https://blokmagazine.com/chatty-matter-by-kati-saarits-and-nora-mertes-at-kogo-gallery/

see http://echogonewrong.com/photo-reportage-exhibition-chatty-matter-kati-saarits-nora-mertes/






Ghost Flowers

Riley Harmon, Marie von Heyl
Anna K. E. & Florian Meisenberg
Maude Léonard–Contant
Katharina Ludwig, Nora Mertes

curated by Lea Schleiffenbaum

Opening, Friday 11 November 2016
extended to 07 January 2017
27.12.–07.01. by appointment


Anna K. E. & Florian Meisenberg – Countdown Belladonna 2016 Courtesy Simone Subal Gallery, New York US
Anna K. E. & Florian Meisenberg – Countdown Belladonna 2016 Courtesy Simone Subal Gallery, New York US



õrn rippumine at Kilometer of Sculpture

Rakvere (EST)
Kilometer of Sculpture is open to the public until July 24:
from Wednesday to Friday 12.00-18.00
on Saturday 12:00 – 16:00
outdoor works can be viewed any time


Gentle Hanging- 01, 2016, Fine Art Prints, steel 57 x 48 cm 
see: õrn rippumine

Kilometre of Sculpture (kmS) is an international exhibition of contemporary art held in the regional towns of Estonia, where the artworks are not exhibited in galleries and museums, but rather in the public space and unused buildings. By presenting the exhibition in this manner, it is our hope that people will feel free to engage and interact with the artworks directly.
Our main exhibition is curated this year by Anna Virtanen (FI) from Helsinki.

Carl Giffney (IE), Viktor Gurov (EE), Corinna Helenelund (FI), Minna Henriksson (FI), Hertta Kiiski (FI), Kristi Kongi (EE), Henriikka Kontimo (FI), Paul Kuimet (EE), Kevin Malcolm (GB), Kristina Norman (EE), Hanna Piksarv (EE), Jaanus Samma (EE), Susanne Skeide (NO), Sakari Tervo and Juho Taavitsainen (FI), Rucka AiR (LV), Jarkko Partanen (FI) (ANTI Contemporary Art Festival), Nora Mertes (BE) (Skaftfell AiR), Lola Bezemer (NL) (Skaftfell AiR), Lena von Lapschina (AU), Alexei Gordin (EE), Maarja Tõnisson (EE), Nele Suisalu (EE), and Yunrubin (SG/DK).


Suspending Plains at Skaftfell

Thursday January 21, from 20.00 -22.00

see: suspending plain


Welcome to the presentation of experiments by Nora Mertes at the Bookshop-projectspace.

Nora Mertes researches the relationship between the human body and material in her surroundings. While reflecting upon it she uses her hands and body to form and reshape matter. In what ways can she, with the sole use of her body, manipulate a material?

In Seydisfjordur Nora Mertes worked with plaster, sheets of metal and plastic, clay and oily black ink. Her sculptures resonate the characteristics of the surrounding landscape both in a physical as well as in a visual manner: the forms are tilting, melting and suspending.

Nora Mertes stay is kindly supported by the Goethe Institut.



Cumuli – Trading Places 

Galerie 5020. IG bildender KünstlerInnen Salzburg
Opening: 20.07. 2016, 19h / 21.07. – 27.08.2016 


Residenzplatz 10/2, 5020 Salzburg, Österreich,
+43 662 848817, office@galierie5020.at

see: ebenda – adaption of a mountain landscape

Opening Times 
Di – Fr / Tue – Fri, 14.00 h – 18.00 h and Sat, 11.00 h – 14.00 h

20.07. 2016, 20.00 h  and 21. 07. 2016, 17.00 h  Curator’s Tour
20.08. 2016, 11.00 h Brunch and Artist Talk on the Cumuli Collective and on the Exhibition 

Artists: Paolo Chiasera (I) Clegg (IRL) & Guttmann (IL) Ricarda Denzer (D/A) Tomáš Džadonˇ (SK/CZ) Heike Gallmeier (D) Robert Gschwantner (A/D) Stef Heidhues (D/USA) Axel Hoedt (D/UK) Ralf Hoedt (D) Candice Lin (USA) Nora Mertes (BE/D) Alexej Meschtschanow (UKR/D) Gianni Moretti (I) Jana Müller (D) Regine Müller-Waldeck (D) Tom Nicholson (AUS) Katrin Plavcˇak (A/D) Jochen Plogsties (D) Nika Radic´ (CRO/D) Goran Rebic´ (A) Gregor Schmoll (A) Tilo Schulz (D) Christian Schwarzwald (A/D) Stephanie Syjucio (USA) Simon Wachsmuth (A/D) Moira Zoitl (A/D) 

The exhibition Cumuli – Trading Places takes as its point of reference the painting CAMPO DI RIALTO (1758 – 63) by the Venetian painter Giovanni Antonio Canal known as Canaletto. It was commissioned by the merchant, art collector and patron Sigismund Streit as an exemplary document of his milieu around the Campo di Rialto, a hub of business activity in 18th century Venice. The picture encapsulates the nexus of capital, collecting, art and its instrumentalization. Cumuli – Trading Places recontextualizes it within our own times. Reproductions and copies of the painting serve as the centerpiece and backdrop of the exhibition. The exhibition architecture, specially designed for Cumuli – Trading Places, takes its cue from and at the same time challenges Canaletto’s stagelike and transparent pictorial space. As if in a lifesize toy theater, visitors navigate through a spatial installation which combines elements of a stage set, a market place and a storage. In this spatialized dimension of the picture, works by the invited artists enter into a dialogue with Campo di Rialto. The works make reference to and provide a commentary on various aspects of the painting. This not only prompts new interpretations of the painted document, but also a multitude of narrative overlaps. After the exhibitions at the Verein zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz (L40), Berlin and the Kunsthalle Memmingen in 2015, Galerie 5020 in Salzburg offers the latest stage for Cumuli – Trading Places from July 21 until August 27, 2016.

Cumuli – Trading Places is a project by the Berlinbased curatorial collective Cumuli consisting of artists Robert Gschwantner, Ralf Hoedt, Jana Müller, Regine Müller-Waldeck, Simon Wachsmuth and Moira Zoitl in collaboration with Vanja Sisek and Nina Mielcarczyk as well as Susanne Prinz (L40).